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The History Behind Kodiak Equipment Services

Founded in 1990 with a vision born from a moment of clarity and determination, Kodiak Equipment has grown from humble beginnings into a beacon of resilience and success in our industry. Our roots in the South have shaped our approach: honest, hardworking, and deeply committed to the well-being of our team, who are much more than employees—they’re our family.

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Our Mission

At Kodiak, we pride ourselves on overcoming challenges that often hinder smaller businesses, thriving through economic ups and downs with grit and grace. We’re not just building projects; we’re building relationships, nurturing our team, and contributing to our community.

Our mission is simple yet profound: to continue growing without losing sight of our core values of dedication, integrity, and a steadfast commitment to quality and community. We’re more than a company; we’re a family, steadfast in our journey, and excited for the future we’re building together.


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Meet the Team

Our Team

Kodiak’s leadership team exemplifies expertise and dedication, driving our commitment to excellence in delivering top-tier loading dock-related solutions and services. Below you’ll find the faces of the people that make it happen every day.

Our Resources

Explore Kodiak’s rich resources, encompassing expert insights in our blog, testimonials revealing client satisfaction, partnerships with quality vendors, and a dedicated focus on serving St. Louis and neighboring areas.

Areas We Serve

Serving St. Louis and surrounding areas, Kodiak provides comprehensive loading dock solutions, ensuring efficient and reliable operations for diverse industries.


Discover the satisfaction of our clients through Kodiak’s testimonials, showcasing our commitment to excellence in loading dock solutions and services.

Partners and Vendors

Kodiak proudly collaborates with trusted partners and vendors, ensuring the supply of top-quality loading dock equipment for reliable, efficient solutions.

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