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Commercial Loading Dock Bumpers to Safeguard Your Facility

At Kodiak Equipment Services, we take pride in offering top-of-the-line commercial loading dock bumpers designed for durability and reliability. Our dock bumpers serve as robust safeguards, preventing trailers from colliding with buildings. These bumpers are expertly bolted to the front of the dock, ensuring steadfast protection. Crafted from resilient rubber, they require no servicing, providing a low-maintenance solution. Our selection includes various types and sizes, catering to diverse loading dock specifications. We’ve even got you covered with all the weird stuff imaginable, thanks to our extensive inventory.

We also offer wheel chocks that further enhance safety measures. Trust our expert team for superior loading dock solutions that prioritize safety and durability, ensuring the smooth and secure operation of your commercial facilities.

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Loading Dock Bumpers Available at Kodiak

  • Durable Bumpers

    Since 1923, Durable Corporation has been recycling tires to create quality products. As the leading laminated rubber dock bumpers manufacturer, Durable has the finest protection available for docks, buildings, trucks, and cargo.

  • DLM Edge-of-Dock

    The DLM edge-of-dock leveler mounts to the exterior dock face, providing a simple and economical alternative to “portable plates” or “pit style” levelers. The DL is ideal for the motor freight industry or those companies with standardized trailer bed heights.

  • DLM Tuf-Chocks

    DLM Tuf-Chocks feature special triangulated designs that provide superior holding power on virtually any hard surface. With both molded and laminated models, the holding power of the chock increases with pressure from the truck or trailer.

  • Wheel Chock Cradle

    The Allied Solution wheel chock cradle prevents the damage and loss associated with leaving wheel chocks around the loading dock drive approach.

Frequently Asked Questions About Loading Dock Bumpers

By installing Kodiak’s loading dock bumpers, you never have to fear for the condition of your building, associated equipment, and nearby workers’ safety.

  • Safety Assurance: Bolster security with robust bumpers, preventing accidents and ensuring a secure working environment.
  • Exceptional Protection: Safeguard buildings and equipment from damage, enhancing the longevity of your commercial infrastructure.
  • Versatile Reliability: Adaptable to various dock specifications, our bumpers provide reliable protection tailored to your unique needs.

Consider factors like dock height, traffic volume, and the size of incoming vehicles. Our experts can provide personalized recommendations based on your specific needs.

The installation time for loading dock bumpers varies based on factors like complexity, quantity, and specific requirements. At Kodiak, it takes us just a few hours to remove and replace a set of bumpers.

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