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Premium Industrial Screen Doors Available at Kodiak

Kodiak’s bug door screens are meticulously designed with a specific bug mesh screen size to effectively prevent intrusion by bugs and birds while allowing optimal airflow. Tailored to keep out unwanted elements, these screens offer a dual benefit by enhancing security measures and providing an efficient solution for ventilation. Whether in an industrial or commercial setting, our door screens for insects prioritize a bug-free environment without compromising essential airflow.

With an innovative design to keep out whatever you need, these screens are a versatile and reliable solution for maintaining a secure, well-ventilated space, contributing to a comfortable and bug-free working environment.

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The Complete Selection of Bug Door Screens

Rasco Industries, Inc. has provided screening solutions to various industries for decades. Rasco works closely with major food packaging and processing plants, food inspection organizations, and a USDA laboratory to ensure product design and screen selection to meet their rigorous needs and high standards.

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Chain Link Security Door

Overhead Screen Door

Service Door Screen Insert

Since 1976, FlexBarrier Products has been serving thousands of commercial and industrial customers throughout the United States and the world with innovative and affordable products. Check out more:



Flexon’s Screen-Master® Automatic Rollup Barrier is a heavy-duty, industrial-grade nylon-mesh screen designed for use on doorway openings where adequate ventilation and sanitation are desired.

Flexon Screen Master

This screen door is an effective solution that aids in meeting FDA requirements while offering a range of benefits. This innovative door significantly diminishes heat from the sun while allowing ample natural light, contributing to a more comfortable and productive environment for employees. A 65% shade factor helps keep facilities cooler for longer periods and improves ventilation by allowing fresh air in.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bug Door Screens

Consider the facility’s size, industry, and specific pest control needs. Our team can guide you in selecting a bug door screen tailored to your unique requirements.

Yes, bug screens offer reliable ventilation while acting as a barrier against pests. They strike a balance, allowing proper airflow while preventing unwanted contaminants from entering your facility.

Absolutely. Our bug door screens are versatile and can be seamlessly integrated with various door types, providing a flexible and effective solution for different industrial settings.

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