Cold Storage Doors

We are a leading provider and servicer of commercial storage doors. Keep your facility properly cooled and reach out with any questions today.

Kodiak’s Quality Cold Storage Door Fit for Any Facility

Kodiak excels in delivering premium commercial cold storage doors, designed for durability and efficiency. Our solutions ensure optimal temperature control, preserving the integrity of stored goods. Trust Kodiak for cutting-edge technology and reliable performance in your cold storage operations.

A Vast Selection of Cold Storage Unit Doors

Discover Kodiak’s diverse selection of commercial cold storage doors, tailored for freezers, coolers, and temperature-controlled rooms. Our advanced doors prioritize efficiency, ensuring precise temperature management and preserving product integrity.

Comprehensive Commercial Refrigerator Door Repair

Kodiak offers unrivaled commercial refrigerator door repair services, ensuring your coolers operate at peak efficiency. Our expert technicians specialize in the best commercial cooler door repair, addressing issues promptly to minimize downtime. Trust us for comprehensive solutions that prioritize your refrigeration equipment’s longevity and optimal performance.

Get a Free Cold Storage Door Installation Estimate With Kodiak

Need to cool an extensive inventory at your facility? We’ve got you covered with a free estimate upon assessing installation.

Cold Storage Unit Doors Available for Installation at Kodiak

Our high-performance CHILLFAST door is suitable for applications up to 13’0″wide X 18’6″ high. It is finely crafted using an insulated panel and durable components.

Rytec commercial cooler doors maximize operational efficiency while maintaining environmental control.

Cold Storage Door

Introducing ASI Cold Storage Doors for your facility; these units are of premier quality, featuring vertical rise features ideal for areas with side clearance restrictions.

Enviro Model 507

Enviro Model 615F

Enviro Model XP 2500

Designed for interior and exterior environments where cold storage with negative temperatures as low as –22°F is required. The door comes with an automatic cycle mode to maintain door operation in freezer applications.

Dynaco Freezer M2

Experience is the main reason Frank Door consistently gives its customers the smooth-working, long-lasting cold storage doors they need.

Since 1906, Jamison has pioneered the cold storage door industry with innovative designs, unsurpassed product quality, and outstanding customer service.

FireTemp Sliding Door

JamoClear Swinging See-Thru

JamoTurf Swinging HD

Mark IV Bi-Parting Horizontal

Mark IV FoodPro

Plyfaom Swinging

Stay Proactive With Cold Storage Door Servicing

Don’t wait for minor concerns in your cold storage doors to call for replacement. Schedule an inspection with our team for effective repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cold Storage Doors

Consider temperature requirements, traffic volume, and space constraints. Our specialists can assist in choosing the optimal door type, ensuring efficient temperature control.

Absolutely. Our cold storage doors are customizable to fit specific dimensions, insulation needs, and operational preferences, ensuring a tailored solution for your facility.

Regular maintenance is key. Schedule routine inspections, address wear and tear promptly, and follow recommended care guidelines to maximize the lifespan and efficiency of your cold storage doors.

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