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Industry-Leading Overhead Door Seals and Weatherseal Equipment

Experience enhanced protection with our weatherseal dock door seals, meticulously designed to weather proof doors effectively. These seals act as a robust barrier against external elements, including rain, wind, and dust, ensuring a controlled and secure environment inside your facility. Crafted with precision, our dock door seals seamlessly align, providing optimal coverage and preventing air leakage. This contributes to maintaining a consistent internal climate and enhances energy efficiency by minimizing the loss of heated or cooled air.

Invest in our weatherseal equipment for a reliable solution that fortifies your facility against the challenges of varying weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance and peace of mind.

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Weatherseal Equipment Available at Kodiak

  • Flexible Top Seals

    Our flexible top seals are designed to adapt to various dock door configurations, providing comprehensive protection against weather elements from the top.

  • Bottom Seals

    These seals are strategically placed at the bottom of doors, effectively blocking out drafts, rodents, rain, and dust, ensuring a secure and controlled internal environment.

  • Standard Brush Seals

    Offering a versatile solution, standard brush seals provide efficient weatherproofing, acting as a barrier against wind, debris, and precipitation, maintaining a consistent climate inside.

  • Rubber Vinyl Seals

    Engineered for durability, rubber vinyl seals are ideal for sealing gaps around doors, preventing air leakage and enhancing energy efficiency in commercial and industrial settings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weatherseals

Weatherseals play a crucial role in preventing the infiltration of external elements like rain, wind, and dust, maintaining a controlled environment inside.

Regular cleaning and inspection, ensuring proper alignment, and promptly replacing damaged seals contribute to their longevity and effectiveness.

Properly installed seals reduce air leakage, promoting energy efficiency by preventing the loss of heated or cooled air, ultimately lowering energy consumption.

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